The Caldbeck Festival 2014

This year, from the 2nd to the 5th October 2014, a beautiful and peaceful village in Cumbria opened its doors to the world, for the first Caldbeck Festival. Organised by Ian P Loftus, the festival had so much on that I was a little disappointed I had to work and only got there in time … Continue reading The Caldbeck Festival 2014

Audible – reading books through your ears.

This morning, after 29 pleasurable hours listening, I finished Charles Dickens' novel, Pickwick Papers on Audible. In the past I've tried reading Dickens, and found it hard going, it's not a style that I can read very well, and because of this, I've never managed more than a couple of chapters before moving on to … Continue reading Audible – reading books through your ears.