My Writing



Novels I’m currently seeking representation for:

A Game of Two Halves – The Torso and Legs

Slip Jevans – Hero of the Union


What I’m working on:

To Catch a B*stard – A comic fantasy novel. When only the petty criminals are pursued for the easy bounty, three outlaws, Mallik – an ill-tempered ex-assassin, highwayman Dick Swede, and loutish elf Jules Van Jives, decide that the only way to stay safe is to progress up the Wanted List. The problem is, the other ne’er do wells don’t want to go quietly. Pursued by other outlaws and the authorities, the three of them have to dig themselves out of a very deep hole.

Slip Jevans 2 (no title as yet) – Sent on a mission to oversee the creation of the Union’s latest weapon, a stealth ship, he believes he’ll finally get the relaxing time he deserves. When the ship is finished, he is sent on it’s first mission, only to find that it has been sabotaged. Trapped on the cramped vessel, time is running out for the Union crew, as the rebel fleet draws near.

Burghalfall – Fantasy: A city of fairness and peace falls to corruption, as the once Mayor, and now Herald bring about slavery and segregation. Can it be saved by the citizens it has brought hardship and death to?

Shelved novels

A Heist too Far – Comic Fantasy: set in the same world as A Game of Two Halves, following the exploits of Highwayman Dick Swede, his loutish elf side-kick Jules Van Jives, and ex-assassin Mallik.

The Good, the Mad and the Undead – Comic Fantasy: Mallik returns to an island-castle  intent on liberating a pendant from its owner, the Vampire Lord Mähmaschine.

The End of Days (working title) – Comic Fantasy: Mallik, Dick and Jules find themselves working for the King of Torbea under threat of the noose, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the army of the dead marching north with Mähmaschine at their fore.

Short stories just for the site:

Jonulsburg part 1

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