A Heist too Far

A Heist too far is a comic fantasy novel following the exploits of Mallik; a slightly crazed assassin, an almost famous highwayman; Dick Swede, aka the Black Moustache, and the highwayman’s accomplice Jules Van Jives, an elf with a dangerous obsession with fire, explosives and loose women.

While on a job to relieve a noble of a precious stone, Mallik hears of a carriage taking bullion from the mines in the south of Torbea, to the capital Breesburg in the north. Hatching a plan which is almost perfect, they raid the bullion carriage. When the heist goes wrong and Mallik loses his love, he’ll stop at nothing to get his revenge on the bullion company, even if he has to liberate a dwarven citadel and combat demonic forces on the way.

The story centres on the three friends and allies, and their enduring friendship, which, despite Mallik’s temper and Jules’ hair-trigger, survive everything life throws at them.

A Heist too far
Cover Art by Michael Merrill



7.8/10 Fantasy Book Review

5/5 SF Book Review

A Heist too far was the first novel I ever did anything with. Despite my edumacation stopping with two D’s at A-Level (Geology and Biology – rocks ARE strangely interesting), I loved writing stories. This was the second one I ever finished, weighing in at 182,000 words of comic fantasy goodness. I say goodness, while the story was there, and the humour and characters were there, I was very wordy. I also didn’t have any proper proofing, because a) I was skint and b) I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

I recently took it down from sale because I couldn’t ever be happy knowing that there are bits I could improve from the things that I have learned from the MA Creative Writing programme. With that in mind, it’s on my list to re-write.

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