The Boatman rows into Under the Fable

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finding that one of my short stories, The Boatman, part of the Worldeater themed horror stories was published in Under the Fable. Though the indents seem to have vanished on a couple of pages of the story, it's all present, and free to read. So if you fancy a look … Continue reading The Boatman rows into Under the Fable

Planet Nine – The World Eater

I force myself further into the corner of a musty, damp room. Paint peels like ancient scrolls on the mouldering walls that crumble and stick to my hands when I push against it. Planet Nine’s shadow gives the daylight a gloomy look, like an extreme solar eclipse. Dim light comes from the window to my … Continue reading Planet Nine – The World Eater

Tarmac Trepidation

The sun gleamed off the aircraft’s metallic underside. He could feel it radiating heat. His distorted reflection stared back, facial features recognisable, but askew. For a moment, his mirror-image appeared to smile, though he did not. He slowly reached out. He hoped the thin veil that separates this world from the one so often reflected … Continue reading Tarmac Trepidation

Audible – Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft

Necronomicon, by H.P. LovecraftI'm going to start this on a good point, go through a couple of points that I didn't think were too good, and then end with a few more good points. I really liked this. As a compendium of short stories, each eerie and sinister, it was a fantastic listen, and it … Continue reading Audible – Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft