The Good, the Mad and the Undead

The Good, the Mad and the Undead is a comic fantasy novel, this time following Mallik, who is laying low with one of S’Ville’s most average citizens, Sok Lard, and a seemingly cured vampire, Jack Von Hellsprung. With Mallik plagued with nightmares about a failed job years before, he takes them both on a holiday to an island-castle they’d all rather forget.

Re-uniting Jack with his long forgotten father, the Vampire Lord Mähmaschine, the plan of a quick hiest is thwarted and Mallik must fight to keep himself and his companions alive.


The Good, the Mad and the Undead
Cover Art by Michael Merrill


7/10 Fantasy Book Review

4/5 SF Book Review

Originally written around 1997, I’ve worked on this one since, and have re-written it from scratch around five times, and had more versions than I can remember. I self-published it in 2012, and was happier than I was with Heist because I’d had it proofed, so there were far less flaws.

Admittedly, looking back at it, there is so much I would change because of what I’ve learned from the MA, and I expect I could clip a lot of it out, or work it in a more clear and concise manner.

This is also on my list of novels to re-write, and the planning has begun.

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