H.P. Lovecraft Dreams of Terror and Death – Audible review

After enjoying Lovecraft’s Necronomicon (always makes me think of Evil Dead… Groovy), the next audible choice seemed obvious, and I chose another long audiobook. Unknowingly, Dreams of Terror and Death is a collection of shorter stories written over many years, about the Dreamlands, places people can visit when dreaming. Listening to them all in one go though – not in one sitting, that’d take the best part of a day – 20 hours something- you get the full series of stories, and start recognising places that have been visited in an earlier story, or mentioned by a creature of some sort.

Again, Lovecraft treats us to a journey to places you probably wouldn’t want to go, where strange people and creatures lurk, and the Cats of Ulthar go to war. Hearing cats mentioned so often, I started reading up a little on the author, and was pleased to see that he’s a great lover of cats. The Cats of Ulthar, while not my favourite story in Dreams of Terror and Death, did introduce them, so that in one of the later stories, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. When the protagonist Carter overhears some creatures talking of war, he seeks aid from the cats, who take the war to the creatures.

There are so many tales in this Audible book, that I honestly can’t remember specific information from them. Each had it’s own story, and each had it’s own feeling of creeping dread, unnatural entities and things which, if they did go bump in the night, would be effing horrific.

I can recommend this one as much as the first, as I love the style and the sinister overtones in each story. You can picture the places in the Dreamlands, and see the creatures in all their unnerving glory as they come and go. Superb stuff, and something I will listen to again in the future. I found them great for the morning workouts, when the world is still dark, and quiet, and you’re never quite sure what’s lurking in the shadows, just out of site.

One thing though, there were less tentacles than expected! 😉


4 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft Dreams of Terror and Death – Audible review

  1. There’s something about Lovecraft’s stuff that makes it more enjoyable in audio – it can be a bit dry in print. The BBC have a few great adaptations on repeat on 4Xtra from time to time. If I see them I’ll give you a shout.

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