The end of the MA

It’s with great joy, and also a bit of sadness, that I’ve finally finished the MA Writing in John Moores University. Letters were discovered on the student system for us on Monday 27th October 2015, and I was pleased to see that I’d managed a Master of Arts, with Merit. This made me happy, while the fact that I won’t regularly see all the people from my course, or indeed the programme lead, Jim Friel, a man who has helped develop my writing on a massive scale.

I can honestly say though, that it’s been the best learning experience I’ve had. Taught over two years, it’s been about strengthening your weaknesses as a writer, submitting manuscripts, pitching, editing, critiquing, being critiqued, and all finished with the final Portfolio submission, which worked out as the first six chapters of Slip Jevans.

For anyone considering an MA in Writing, I recommend Liverpool John Moores University. The course works, and you will learn so much that is useful, and practical to a writer.

It’s been a great two years, and I think the critiquing group of pals that’s formed will continue to rip each other’s work to shreds and mock terrible sentences and poor jokes.

So to the MA class in general, I bid you farewell, and cheers for your support and help.

To the critiquing group (in alphabetical order), Brett, John, Laura, Mike and Reece, I’ll see you next week, with or without nob jokes.

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