Dune, by Frank Herbert – Audible Review

Dune. If I can recall every memory from the film, it is limited to Sting in a funky still suit, and some chap riding a worm. The novel, when I’ve tried to read it in the past, didn’t grip me straight away, and so I resigned from reading it.

Instead, I listened to it. Audible, as you will well be aware, if you’ve had the misfortune to read any previous reviews, is magnificent. So I set about listening to it while training in the morning, and on long car journeys too and from the rink.

It was with great pleasure that I heard the tones of Simon Vance, who did a superb job as Jonathan Harker in the Audible version of Dracula. If it were a film, I’d become a fan.

Dune follows the story of Paul Atreides as his father, Leto is granted the desert planet Arakkis, and its valuable spice mining. Granted this by the Emperor, it’s part of a plot to get rid of Leto and house Atreides for good. And so, the plot gets going.

Without giving too much away, there are some great twists, and a world which has been so developed and well described it’s easy to picture. House Harkonnen, the obvious villains of the piece, are led by the total b*stard, Baron Harkonnen. As house Atreides crumbles, Paul and his mother find themselves alone on Arakkis, until they come to the attention of the Fremen. From here the plot takes an interesting turn, and the development of the relationships between Paul, his mother, and the Fremen.

Paul learns of the plot against his father, and leads the Fremen (who see him as the chosen one (from the ancient prophecies and all that)) to retake Arakkis, and, they ride on giant worms.

It’s another one that’s well worth a listen, sadly, I’ve left it too long before writing this, but it does get my recommendation. Go listen to Dune. Immediately if not sooner.

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