Well it’s been some time since my last post. With one thing (Brush and Boltgun) and another (Real Life) I’d slowed down on my reading and not managed to pick up books as much as I’d like. With changes this year though, I canned driving to work in favour of taking the train, which gave me about forty-five minutes a day of reading time – reviews to follow. It really has been time well spent.

For the past year I’ve been too tired and frazzled after work – the featured image is how I feel most days Monday to Friday – to consider writing, and every time I’ve tried it’s been complete dross, so I’ve only been writing at lunchtime in work, or on rare days when I can sneak out to a coffee shop and write for a few hours uninterrupted.

However, recent events have prompted me to have a reshuffle of everything, and make time for the things I love doing, not just painting for Brush and Boltgun, which I can do even when frazzled. Making time to write, and resuming the reviews of the books I’ve been reading are two of the most important things, so expect more to come.

I’ve also tweaked the site, and there’ll be a lot more of that in the coming days. It’d almost become derelict, so I’ll be clearing out the chafe and get it up to date.

Whether you’re reading this as it passed by on a feed, or you’re a previous subscriber, many thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll stay for more in the future.