And a year flew by – a blog reanimates like Frankenstein’s monster

Well it's been some time since my last post. With one thing (Brush and Boltgun) and another (Real Life) I'd slowed down on my reading and not managed to pick up books as much as I'd like. With changes this year though, I canned driving to work in favour of taking the train, which gave … Continue reading And a year flew by – a blog reanimates like Frankenstein’s monster

Drainpipes for Strike Posts

Today, I’m very pleased to announce that Mantic Games have released their Dreadball Xtreme short story anthology, Drainpipes for Strike Posts. The Anthology is priced at £3.99 and contains stories from such authors as David Guymer, Guy Haley, Mike Hollows and myself, and makes for a great collection of tales set in Mantic Games sci-fi … Continue reading Drainpipes for Strike Posts

A cockpit according to Charles Dickens

Around the start of the Masters (it may have been the first or second semester...) we were asked to do a pastiche of a famous writer. For mine I chose Charles Dickens, and the piece I was writing at the time (and currently re-writing) was Slip Jevans - Hero of the Union. The pastiche is … Continue reading A cockpit according to Charles Dickens

Ice Hockey and me

In 1998 I had the pleasure of travelling to Minnesota with members of the 5/8 Kings Regiment, 4 QLR, and a few from my very own V (the Liverpool Scottish) Company, to train with the Ohio National Guard in Camp Ripley Minnesota. It was part of an exchange programme, where an equal number of their … Continue reading Ice Hockey and me